Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond Wire Sawing is a process where a special machine drives or spins a continuous metal cable looped around strategically set up locations for cutting to be done. The cable braided with diamond segments and spacers. The flexibility of this construction allows for the Diamond Wire to be routed with drive and guide pulleys. This allows the cable to be “pulled through” the concrete or other hard materials. The advancement in the diamond impregnated segments allows for special cutting of concrete, rock, steel, and masonry composites.


Wire sawing is ideal for cutting:
• In restricted areas or remote locations
• Large bulk removals
• Massive and reinforced concrete
• Sections of concrete, pipe, or other materials which are too large for conventional cutting methods


Wire sawing practical applications:

1) Commercial & Industrial
• Dust, Fume and Vibration Free cutting in sensitive areas
• Flush cutting Machine or Motor bases flush with the floor
• Cutting machine bases any thickness or sizes into pieces to safely remove from the cut location
• Cutting irregular shapes like hexagonal, piers, columns and footings
• Cutting thick beams when conventional methods can’t cut deep enough
• Cutting overhead applications safely
• Thick barn rock wall openings

2) Residential
• Door or access openings through old thick rock basement walls and foundations


diamond wire sawing