Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition use on the Job site is an extremely safe way to complete Special Demolition Projects. The demolition Robots are a State of the art Electric powered fume free and quieter option than standard or old conventional demolition means. The Robotic Demolition process also yields much less mess having not to deal with the Large quantity of saw cutting water/slurry to cut out walls the old fashion way of saw cutting into small cubes and then removing them. The Robots can be operated up to 300 Feet away by remote control from the demolition area. The Robots are also used in confined areas and in precarious situations for our workers to work safely; like breaking out concrete slabs hollowed out underneath by water main breaks or at higher elevations.

With the ability to drive the robots through a standard 36” or 48” doorway, up or down stairways, or operate them while mounted to a lift, ALL STAR Cutting & Coring has the ability to CRUSH concrete with the crusher attachment, BREAK concrete with the breaker, EXCAVATE holes or trenches, VACUUM REMOVE concrete or SCARIFY walls and floors.