Floor/Slab Sawing

Floor/Slab SawingMachine Sawing is completed with a floor and slab walk behind machine. Machine sawing is the most efficient and economical way to cut floors and slabs.

The cutting is done by a circular diamond saw. Typical machine or walk behind cutting takes place for floor removals, machine base preparation, asphalt pavement, and plumbing and electrical trenches. Sometimes limitations are encountered on the job or project site. Some of the limitations may be not enough room to get the machine through access points such as small doorways, into basements, etc. In those cases, we do the cutting by hand held methods.

Hand Held Floor Slab Cutting is a process that uses electrical driven hand held circular saw units. While more labor intensive, it is the best way to cut openings in tight or lower level areas where heavy machine equipment is not an option.